TransAm – Day #0 – Iceland to Astoria

After at least two years of planning, finally the day of departure arrived. We woke up early in the day to tie up a million loose ends before leaving for the airport at around 13:00.

There were a few things we worried about which might go wrong and negatively affect the start of our journey the following day:

  • The bikes not arriving safely at the Portland airport.
  • The bike bags not fitting in our rental car.
  • The bike assembly wouldn’t be successful.
  • Shipping the bike bags over to the east coast wouldn’t be possible or cost a fortune.

We are happy to inform excited readers that we had no issues with any of those.

In the airplane we sat in our seats, Monika on the window seat and Saemi in the middle. To our horror the lady who sat down next to us had some terrible body odor issues. Fortunately there were plenty of available seats so she was given the option to move to a more roomy row of seats. 8 hours of BO would have been terrible.

In front of us sat an interesting guy. He had the whole row of seats to himself and repeatedly moved back and forth between the window and aisle seat and watched the same movie in both seats.

Got to the hotel safely, checked in and fell asleep in 1 second flat. At that time we had been awake for nearly 24 hours and had a long day ahead of us.

2 thoughts on “TransAm – Day #0 – Iceland to Astoria

  1. Jack Perkins

    So glad you’re here safely! So happy all of the details have worked out.

    We look forward to seeing you. So much to talk about and so little time!

    Pam and Jack


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