TransAm – Day #08 – Bates Campground – Baker City

June 22, 2018
Bates Campground – Baker City
85 km (53 miles)
831 m (2726 feet) elevation
3:42 moving time
946 km (588 miles) total

Woke up to a beautiful cool and crisp morning in the mountain campground. Were excited to go for breakfast at the place which had been closed the night before called Austin Junction. Rode up the hill and to our horror it was still closed. No food and we had a 85 km ride over two passes until we reached the next town.

We paced ourselves as best we could so we wouldn’t bonk. The climbs were not too bad and we actually enjoyed the day until about 15 km from Baker city when we got quite strong headwinds.

Finally got a burger, omelette and a lot of cold drinks at around 15 which meant that we had gone without real food for approx 28 hours. That is not going to happen again. We can hear the collective outcry of our family when they read this so we promise to be more careful! 😀

Had dinner with Brann who will take a zero-day (day off) tomorrow so we may not see him again on this journey. It was a great pleasure meeting him and getting to know him. He had an interesting career in fraud detection at Nike but has semi-retired and now he flies his own air balloons.

6 thoughts on “TransAm – Day #08 – Bates Campground – Baker City

  1. Hans v van Velze

    Yeah, going good! You just finished one of the nicest etappe’s of the CtC ( to my opinion) – Baker City was our first zero-day, and we needed that, to reload the battery. Nice city btw , nice museum too.Though there are more awesome’s to come, this part of the ride has a special pitch in my memory . To cope more future food-shortage, plan a slower pace (yeah, I know…) of 60-65 mi. a day and be sure , bringing your food&drinks on the road Kooskia to Lochsa Lodge -there is not much!.
    Camping the USFS “”Wilderness””was a special one, bathing the river,cooking dinner on a campfire and n o b o d y around. Just bears and you. AWESOME ! ENJOY!

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