TransAm – Day #12 – Kooskia – Powell (Lochsa Lodge)

June 26, 2018
Kooskia – Powell (Lochsa Lodge)
142 km 88 mile

898 m (2946 feet) elevation
5:50 moving time
1517 km (942 miles) total

Had a good night sleep and went for some eggs and sausages for breakfast. Almost as soon as we started biking we started climbing and so we did for 140 km. It was not a steep climb but constant.

There was no service for about 100 km but a cycling guy we met yesterday told us that getting water was no problem, there would be many camping grounds where we could fill up our bottles. We found one place!

In the beginning we really enjoyed watching the beautiful river we had on our right hand and the forest on the left. After 100 km of the same view we started to get a little bored and tired.

Monika wasn’t feeling so great around half way but after a little rest under a tree and realizing that she had been watching the river to closely and therefore gotten a bit seasick she started to feel better. Sæmi was very tired in the end but felt much better after a huge burger and a beer that he finally had at our camping grounds.

We met to young ladies that started in the east and they told us that the traffic in Kansas is not so bad and assured us that we will be fine in Yellowstone 🙂

At the camping site we met two other ladies travelling from the east. They just hooked up couple days ago and are going to finish together. One of them is from Germany and the other from England but lives in France, she started her journey April 15th. Both ladies are very nice and are going to take the whole summer to finish across.

Tomorrow there is one summit and then we will take one day off. Finally! ☺

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