TransAm – Day 16 – Darby – Jackson

June 30, 2018
Darby – Jackson
124 km (77 miles)
1261 m (4137 feet) elevation
5:27 moving time
1858 km (1155

miles) total

Snuck out of the Warmshower host’s house since we didn’t want to wake anybody up. It is Saturday and Curtis had the day off.

We didn’t have a long day planned today so we were kind of too relaxed. We stopped for too long on a few occasions speaking with locals. Many people today asked about our trip and about Iceland. One cowboy didn’t even realize that people lived there and believed that Greenland was greener.

We have been cycling in forests for a while but soon after we crossed over Chief Joseph pass we entered into a really wide area of farmland high up on the mountains, without many trees, and with mountains on all sides. It was a fairly cool day today because of the altitude.

We had dinner at Wisdom and at around 7 we left for Jackson. We had been warned that there might be some mosquitoes but we had no idea.

As we were cycling the last 30 km we ran into one swarm of mosquitoes after another. It was like riding through hail as they would hit you all over and keep sticking to our bodies. It was hard to keep your eyes open and hard to breath without inhaling them. Fortunately it only lasted for about 30 minutes out of the 1 hour ride between the two towns.

Will be sleeping in a proper cowboy tent tonight with a stove to keep it warm.

5 thoughts on “TransAm – Day 16 – Darby – Jackson

  1. Brian Barrett

    We didn’t cross through Montana last year but I went through Wisdom in 87 and 89 on tours and I remember those mosquitoes like it was yesterday. The worst I remember was out by the battlefield. I’ve never encountered mosquitoes like that in my life. Crazy shit!

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  2. Kathie and Chuck

    Congratulations on reaching the the continental divide!
    We look forward to reading your blogs each day. Your pictures are captivating and proof of your daily accomplishments. It’s good to see that you are safe and strong !
    The pizza thieves
    AKA: Chuck and Kathie

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jóna Kristín

    Loksins gaf ég mér tíma til að lesa bloggið almennilega og ó mæ…þvílíkt ævintýri. Myndirnar eru geggjaðar. Ég vona að þið náið að njóta um leið og þið þjótið.

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