TransAm – Day 20 – Grand Teton (Colter Bay) – Dubois

July 4, 2018
Grand Teton (Colter Bay) – Dubois
108 km (67 miles)
1115 m (3657 feet) elevation

4:40 moving time
2420 km (1504 miles)

We had some butterflies in our stomach going to sleep in our tent at our little camping ground, knowing it was a bear area and after having seen the grizzlie not so far away. But no bear came for a visit and we had a good night sleep. It was freezing in the morning when we woke up and for the first time we used our leg warmers, dove west and mittens. The sun quickly warmed the air and around noon it was 30 degrees.

We had a short day today, only 117 km but had to climb our highest pass so far, Togwotee Pass 9658 feet. It was long but not as steep as we thought it would be (mostly between 4-7%).

The weather was nice most of the day except for a good headwinds the last 20 km. Toward the end if our ride we were sure we were about to be caught out in a rain storm as there were black clouds all around us but we somehow escaped.

The landscape was once again amazing. Going from forests to more desert look. The mountains with sharp spikes and snow in the beginning but ending smoother with a lot of beautiful colors, just like they had been painted with all kind of red colors.

Some of the scenery we witnessed were just as if painted by Saemi’s favorite painter, Bob Ross 😀.

Decided to stay at a motel in Dubois to celebrate 4th of July. Had some time to use the swimming pool and wash our clothes – twice since the washing machine did not rinse the first time 🙂.

4 thoughts on “TransAm – Day 20 – Grand Teton (Colter Bay) – Dubois

  1. Brian Barrett

    Boy did you guys move through grizzly country quickly! I think I recall that you were trying to complete the tour in 60 days or so and you’re tracking very nicely to make that goal based on my experience. May the winds be your friend for the remainder of Wyoming!

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  2. In one of your older posts you mentioned that you have only a 11-32 freewheel on the rear and a 50 large on the front? Are you satisfied with the 32 on the rear??? Is 32 really sufficient for the American mountains and climbs?? If you could do it all over again, would you switch to a 34 or 36??? I am departing on May 6th for my Trans Am and think about this all the time. I have a 34 on the rear.


  3. For our superlight setup the we had our gearing was OK for a majority of the climbs. I wouldn´t have liked to have much more weight though. There were a few short hills in the Ozarks and on Mt. Vesuvius where it would have been nice to have an easier gear to shift into.


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