The following is a list our essential smartphone apps (Android) which we rely on.

  • Google maps – Fairly obvious
  • Bicycle Route Navigator by Adventure Cycling – TransAm Route specific maps with distances, elevation, bike shop locations, service points, lodging locations, restaurant locations, etc.
  • Google Drive – Where we keep digital copies of our maps, passports, diaries, etc.
  • Snapchat – Send and receive crazy snaps from our crazy families
  • WindAlert – You cannot fight the weather but at least you can be prepared for the rain, try to ride before crazy headwinds and stay safe during thunderstorms.
  • Windy – Another great weather app.
  • Strava – ‘If it isn’t on strava it didn’t happen’. Our way of logging all our cycling efforts, distances, elevation gain, etc.
  • WordPress – Our blog management system. Daily journals and musings.
  • Instagram – Photos. Lots of photos.
  • Facebook page – A dedicated FB page for friends, family and cycling enthusiasts to keep track of our progress. A place for more frequent and less structured content than the blog.
  • Amazon Kindle – When we run out of conversation topics or grow tired of each other a good book to read is a must.
  • DoggCatcher – My favorite podcast player. I recommend listening to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast.
  • HostelWorld – We haven’t used this app but apparently it is great for finding cheap accommodation.
  • Warmshowers – Find free accomodation. Many of the hosts are fellow cyclists and we have hosted a few cyclists ourselves.

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