TransAm – Day 32 – Leoti – Ness City

July 16, 2018
Leoti – Ness City
131 km (81 miles)
216 m (708 feet) elevation
5:32 moving time
3846 km (2390 miles)

“Smile and the world smiles back. Cry and you get wet in the face.” wrote the Icelandic artist Megas. Usually we agree with that statement but it seems that our whining and crying on our yesterday’s blog helped us because we received so many positive and encouraging comments that we couldn’t help but be more positive and energetic today.

Sorry about the depressing post yesterday and a million thanks to all of you who sent us positive comments and messages.

Maybe a great pizza yesterday and two breakfasts this morning (one at 6 and another at 10) had an impact on our energy level. Not sure if we have mentioned this before but breakfast food is the best food.

The winds were still blowing in our face but the landscape changed slightly so that once in a while we were shielded from the wind by small hills at which time our speed quickly went from 22 km/h to 33 km/h without any more effort on our part. Those stretches of road were incredible.

It was partly cloudy today which made the temperatures much more pleasurable than yesterday.

It is amazing how loud the grasshoppers are. They sound like the crackling sound damaged electricity makes in cheap action movies, only louder.

When we reached Ness City we saw what is called ‘The skyscraper of the plains’ which is a three story house!

we had our first chocolate shake in a while which was amazing. Then we checked into a motel which cost $42 plus tax! What a ripp-off 😂.

2 thoughts on “TransAm – Day 32 – Leoti – Ness City

  1. David Roas

    Your comment on the exhilarating sound’s of nature brings me back to being on the road! Looking forward to June of 2019 for our Northern Tier trip! Thank you for your posts and photos


  2. Jack

    That three story house is pretty ornate, especially for that tiny town! $42 sounds like an OK price unless it was an n that boarded up building! Here’s hoping the breezes turn around to your backs. Of course that means a low pressure cell and a chance of rain. 🌧🌩⛈

    Liked by 1 person

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