TransAm – Day 46 – White Mills – Harrodsburg

July 30, 2018
White Mills – Harrodsburg
154 km (96 miles)
1628 m (5340 feet) elevation
6:13 moving time
5665 km (3521 miles)

The morning turned out a bit different than planned. Maybe it’s better for us to plan less about heading out early because something seems to go in the other direction every time.

This morning we woke up after a nice sleep on top of a folding table at the White Mills volunteer fire station planning to start early to finish early in Harrodsburg later in the day. We started packing our things but then it started raining. We looked at the weather forecast that said it would likely rain for about an hour or two so we just unpacked our mattresses and sleeping bags, crawled back up on the table and went back to sleep 😉

So our day started later than planned but when we woke up again it had stopped raining 🙂 it was a bit cloudy and the temperature around 17 degrees. Could hardly be any better (except if we would have a tailwind but this is not a fairy tale).

The weather stayed nice but it did get quite warm in the midday or around 30 degrees but the sun was mostly behind some light clouds so it was fine. When we had some 25 km left to our destination the rain drops started falling. Not so many that we got soaked but enough for us to start pedalling harder looking up to the sky watching it grow darker and darker as we peddled faster up and down those damn hills. The last 15 km was a sprint that we won as we managed to skid in front of a store in Harrodsburg at the same time it started pouring down 🚴‍♂️ we waited 20 minutes, it stopped raining so we headed for a victory dinner at a lovely Mexican restaurant, La Fonda😁

Kentucky has surprised us. The roads are nice, surely mostly missing shoulder but the drivers are very considerate and follow the rules strictly. The route we went to day was one of the most scenic of our journey. Nice country roads with very little traffic. Just beautiful!! The people we have met have been super nice and friendly.

No real dog chases today. Met some loose dogs but they weren’t too bad and our shouts seemed to work in keeping them at bay.

One of the town we visited today was Loretto which is known as the home of the Maker’s Markbourbon distillery. It is hard to describe but when we got closer to the town all of a sudden those huge black houses were standing there like a whole town of black houses. You can smell the bourbon in the air becouse the houses are full of it. So dark and mysterious 😮

After riding past Springfield we saw this amazing huge Catholic church up on a hill that looked like a castle and some kilometers later we saw the Mordecai Lincoln House a historic house in the Lincoln family but the brother of Lincoln dad used to own.

Saemi’s energy was a bit low today but he surely found some secret energy in the last 10 km when he peddled up the hills like he was riding a motorbike 🚴‍♂️

9 thoughts on “TransAm – Day 46 – White Mills – Harrodsburg

  1. Sounds like you both are staying strong.
    Your pictures are wonderful.
    Hope that tomorrow is more favorable for riding.
    I will dedicate my next drink of Maker’s Mark, my favorite spirit, to your continued success.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. monikaskarp

      Takk Lísa mín 🙂 enduðum á að liggja í leti í dag með borgara í annari og ís í hinni til að safna orku í næstu daga sem verða lítið annað en miskunnarlaust klifur – jibbý 🙄


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