TransAm – Day 26 – Hot Sulphur Springs – Frisco

July 10, 2018
Hot Sulphur Springs – Frisco
109 km (68 miles)
994 m (3260 feet) elevation
4:49 moving time
3140 km (1952 miles)

Had another early start and had to wear leg warmers and jackets until we reached Kremmling which is where we had a breakfast. Nothing was open in Hot Sulphur Springs.

Monika was still a bit tired and dehydrated from yesterday and therefore her energy levels were lower than usual.

We rode slowly and tried to enjoy the day which was beautiful in amazing scenery. Rode for most of the time on backroads or on bike paths, at least away from heavy traffic which was wonderful.

We can certainly understand why cyclists we have met going the opposite direction have told us that we were in for some amazing landscapes. Colarado and the Rocky mountains are incredibly pretty.

We met two road bike cyclists who were riding a long day so they weren’t riding too fast so we rode together for some 20 km.

The architecture is gradually changing as we get deeper into Colorado and away from the cowboy states.

We rode through Silverthorn which was a pretty town with some modern feel to it. Went to Chipotle and heard David Bowie on the radio. A welcome change from country music.

There is a beautiful bike path between the small towns in this are and a bike path around the local lake which looked very big.

Monika fell to her side on her bike at a busy intersection in front of many cars. Her wrist is a bit sore but should be good tomorrow. She is a tough little lady.

Ended today in Frisco which is now our favorite town in the world. How can we move here? There are mountains all around, the climate is nice, looks children friendly, the main street is gorgeous, there is a beach on the lake, the houses are pretty, the people nice, lots of dogs, three bike shops, hundreds of miles of singletrack for mountain biking and a great place for skiing in the winter. Trump, if you are reading this please help us get visas!

From yesterday: Forgot to mention that we rode past a moose which is very rare and was an amazing moment. They can be very agressive so we were hesitant going back for better photos. Saemi was recording while riding past which was a total coincidence.

Another thing regarding yesterday is that we had headwinds 98% of the time according to MyWindsock.

One thought on “TransAm – Day 26 – Hot Sulphur Springs – Frisco

  1. ckdarland

    Will you be passing through Elizabeth, Colorado?  We have relatives who live there.  They were in Neskowin,  Oregon when we met you in Pacific City, OR.They ate a portion of your pizza !Maybe we could get them to treat you to a meal!!!They are great sports and have married son’s who may be near your age.Chuck and Kathie Darland The pizza thieves 😎

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