4 thoughts on “TransAmerica Trail – Documentary

  1. Bruce Thompson

    Hi Monika and Saemivald — Your four videos are the best documentary of the transamerica trail that I have seen. I was surprised to see my face in the White Mills, Kentucky segment. There were so many sites that I remember from the trail .

    Riding up from Vesuvius — that was an impressive achievement! I think you likely have three other achievements as well:
    1. First Icelandic couple to finish the transam
    2. The only person named Saemivald to finish the transam
    3. Most photogenic lady on the transam — Monika, of course

    Best regards….


    1. Hi Bruce,
      Thank you for your wonderful comment. It was a great pleasure meeting you and thanks again for dinner!
      I hope it was OK with you that we used the photo of the three of us.
      I couldn´t agree more with item #3 on your list! 🙂


  2. Bruce Thompson

    A quick question: How did you do the animation showing the airplane and the red line following your route? Our coronavirus restrictions here are providing me plenty of time to work on a movie about my ride across Kansas and eastern Colorado. We did it in May so we did not experience the extreme heat that you had although we had a couple of days over 32C.

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