TransAm – Day 35 – Newton – Eureka

July 19, 2018
Newton – Eureka
120 km (75 miles)
509 m (1670 feet) elevation
4:39 moving time
4245 km (2638 miles)

Hottest day of the summer in Kansas. 42° celcius on our Garmin and the heat index was 110-112.

Finally we had some nice tailwinds which was a great change!

Started the day early at Braum’s for some breakfast to get some kilometers in before it gets to hot. Braum’s is Monika’s newest favourite place (she is in love with the icecream).

After about 45 km we saw a sign telling that the road was closed because of a road work after some 15 km so we would have to take a detour. Decided to take a chance and keep on going. Soon we saw workers working on a bridge, talked to them a little and they allowed us to cross 😊. We were sweating a lot but the heat was still fine.

Arrived in Cassoday, a small town with 129 inhabitants after 60 km. In town there was supposed to be a store and a restaurant. We found one place, the post office and got rid of some cold weather stuff by sending by mail to a friend in Washington DC. Our gear is now 1 kg lighter each. Stuff we got rid of were hats, gloves, leg warmers, down vest and jackets. Pretty sure we won’t need these items in Kansas, Missouri or Kansas. At the post office the lady told us about a restaurant just out of town in the other direction.

We were early, a little over ten and were told that lunch would not be ready until eleven. Thought about leaving and take additional 30 km to a diner in next town, Rosalia, but were told that it closed two years ago 🙄 so we waited!! And the heat grew!!! 😧

Met a nice guy in Rosalia while drinking our water in the shade. He gave us homegrown cantaloupes that tasted awesome and cold water. Said he had voted for Trump but wasn’t sure if it was a good choice. Asked if he would’ve voted for Sanders instead he said hell no. Admitted that Americans believe that communism and socialism are basically the same. He loves meeting and talking to cyclists from all over the world and after our talk he is thinking about being a warm showers host. He was really worried about the wrong informations our map is giving about a restaurant in his town because he has had to ‘save’ some cyclists relaying on it.

We arrived in Eureka around 15 and wanted to go to Toronto which is 30 km further but because of the heat, a possible afternoon thunderstorm and the fact that there might not be any accommodation in Toronto we decided to listen to the collective family voice in our heads saying “stay cool and safe, get a motel in Eureka!”.

Coming into the hotel we could feel it was a good decision and the weather reports in the TV is supporting it, storm, rain and even tornadoes warning going further.

5 thoughts on “TransAm – Day 35 – Newton – Eureka

  1. Jack

    Hot, hot, hot!
    It has been that way here too. Had some cloud cover this morning so it’s only high 70’s today. Back to the 90’s soon.
    Sounds like you made some good decisions today!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brian Barrett

    Nice progress for what I would hope is your hottest day. Love your detour strategy. I do the same. It only backfired once on our xc tour that finished last month with a 3 mile steep downhill ending in bridge construction and an unfriendly crew in Pennsylvania. Thankfully we found a reasonable detour while talking to neighbors after the guy on the road crew gave us directions that would have taken us in the wrong direction and added 10 miles on interstate 80 to our day.

    Liked by 1 person

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