TransAm – Day 55 – Charlottesville – Ashland

August 8, 2018
Charlottesville – Ashland
155 km (96 miles)
1462 m (4795 feet) elevation
6:25 moving time
6774 km (4210 miles)

Another beautiful day of riding in Virginia. We had some short but steep climbs early on but then we got to enjoy some nice descents.

We didn’t stop for many photos since most of the scenery is similar to what we have been seeing for the last days. We just rode on the backroads with little traffic knowing that today would be the second to last day of our journey. We were able to ride side by side and talking, which is something we haven’t been able to do for a while. We had missed those moments so it was great to have them again.

We had planned on riding to Ashland (150 km) or Mechanicsville (175 km) but as we were getting close to Ashland a local warned us of a 4 o’clock thunderstorm so we decided to take an early rest and be as fresh as possible for our last riding day tomorrow. It was a really hot and humid day so we stopped in a McDonald’s for a shake and soda with multiple refills before checking in to a motel.

We got news from our friend who was bit by the dog in Missouri that he has decided to stop his journey and go home to get a rabies shot. Really sorry for him and it is sad how much the dogs are a threat in Missouri and Kentucky. It probably helped us that we were two riding together and therefore a bigger threat to the dogs.

Our last ride of the journey is tomorrow and will be approximately 156 km but according to our maps the elevation change will only be 800 m so we are hoping for a leisurely and smooth ride. Hope to reach the Yorktown Victory Monument before 17 o’clock. It is somewhat surreal to realize that after 53 days of riding that this adventure is coming to a close! At this moment some people experience a feeling of sadness but we are full of excitement!

6 thoughts on “TransAm – Day 55 – Charlottesville – Ashland

  1. Brian Barrett

    So exciting to be one the eve of your final day! Thanks so much for your fun and detailed reports and your dedication to posting daily. I’ve followed you guys from Astoria from the start which was right around the time of our finish of our northern crossing. I read your posts in Japan, Tuscany, and here in Colorado and really enjoyed it more than you can imagine. I’m a musical guy so I’m sending a long distance dedication to Monika, the Queen of the Slipstream:

    Sorry Saemi, there is no King of the Slipstream song!

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    1. Don’t leave yet, one more day to go 🙂
      We have also really enjoyed your thoughtful, helpful and funny comments which we will miss for sure.
      If you are on Facebook please send us a friend request (links on this website) or send us an email so we can stay in touch.
      Monika appreciated the song!


  2. Jack

    Wow, it seems not that long ago we were having dinner together. At the same time I can’t imagine what you’ve done – day in and day out. You must feel so strong ( and a bit tired). Sounds like a long last day as you push to the finish. Do hope you can come back and stay awhile. 🙂

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  3. I have read every day. One more day to read and I move on to another person’s journal. THanks a lot. I look forward to documenting my trip in May 2019 with a heavy emphasis on the video recording for my YouTube site at: gomitch2 Thank again.


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