TransAm – Day #13 – Lochsa Lodge – Missoula, MT

June 27, 2018
Lochsa Lodge – Missoula, MT
98 km (61 miles)
673 m (2208 feet) elevation
4:10 moving time
1615 km (1004 miles) total

Another interesting day today. Woke up early but had a very late start because many folks at the camping grounds were interested in hearing about our trip. Said goodbye to Susan and Sandra (hope we remember their names correctly).

The elevation gain today was similar to most days but was all completed over a very short distance up to the top of Lolo Pass. We visited the visitor center and were very interested to learn about the Lewis and Clarke expedition. Amazing feat and story. We need to read up on this when we get home.

Crossed over to Montana and during a wonderful downhill ride into Missoula we saw two deer. Were on the lookout for bears, moose and other animals but none were interested in being seen.

Had another flat today. Probably because Saemi is too fat or his back tire was a bit too under-inflated.

Crossed the 1000 mile mark.

Were just a few minutes too late to get to the Adventure Cycling Association’s offices but will visit tomorrow.

Ate at Saemi’s favorite American burger joint, Give Guys.

Staying in Missoula tonight and will have our first zero-day (no riding) tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “TransAm – Day #13 – Lochsa Lodge – Missoula, MT

  1. Brian Barrett

    Congrats on 1000 miles! Enjoy your well earned day off. Sounds like you’re having a decent amount of flat tires. My daughter and I had the same problem in the early stages last year. Maybe a dozen flats in less than a thousand miles. We switched to continental gatorskins on the rear in WY and never had a rear flat all the way across. You might look into those while in Missoula as you might not see another decent bike shop until Breckenridge. Those things saved us a lot of frustration!


  2. What will I do with my mornings when your trip ends and there will be more more travelogue?

    Enjoy your zero day — and check on our friends finishing the WOW Cyclothon over the next 24 hrs!

    P.s., Five Guys has stiff burger competition once you get to the east coast—but they got their start right here in the DC area.

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