TransAm – Day 47 – Rest day in Harrodsburg

After 10 consecutive long and hard riding days we decided to take a rest day before tackling the unrelenting hills of the Appalachian mountians. We woke up in the morning to heavy rain which made us feel even better about our decision.

We slept in in our incredible soft motel bed. Saemi probably slept 12 hours straight but Monika is a light sleeper and woke up earlier. We didn’t even wake up early enough for the motel breakfast.

Went to Subway for lunch and went back to the motel to map out the rest of the trip. We have made approximate distance and elevation calculations and it looks like we will have some tough days ahead of us. Some of the Appalachian hills have grades similar to those in the Ozarks. If all goes to plan we will be able to finish ahead of schedule but we will keep our detailed plan a secret for now. No need to put unnecessary pressure on us 😁.

We spent most of the day laying in bed watching TV and basically doing nothing!

The weather forecast shows scattered showers and thunderstorms for the next few days which we hope to avoid. The dog forecast shows more loose and annoying dogs which we also hope to avoid 😃. Armed with our booming voices, air horns and dog spray we aren’t too worried.

No photos today since we were too lazy!

2 thoughts on “TransAm – Day 47 – Rest day in Harrodsburg

  1. Valdi

    Þið hafið augljóslega þurft á hvíld að halda. Maður hvílir sig jú stundum í skemmtiferðum.

    Það lítur út fyrir að veðrið á Íslandi sé að undirbúa heimkomu ykkar því það lítur út fyrir að sólin fari að láta sjá sig, amk. stundum.

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